Sunday, September 6, 2009

"I'm not blogging enough" is working me up!

Hello Friends,

I am realizing that my "blogging pace" has slowed down and I have had some fearful temper about it; this has brought into clearer light a strong link that I have: once I start something and am doing that something with a certain frequency, I have the belief that I need to, at least, maintain that frequency and if I don't, then I feel that I am wrong in some way. Well, it is time to do a little spotting on this! First, I can endorse for participating as a blogger and endorse everytime I blog or comment on someone else's blog. If our aim is to serve, we cannot fail. Also, I spot romanticism. Dr. Low says we are not machines and should not try to be like one; instead we should allow ourselves to be average human beings. Well, human beings sometimes do more of certain things and sometimes less because life is continuously changing with new demands, opportunities and situations to deal with. The Method encourages me to develop greater flexibility and discourages rigidity. There is no danger if I do less blogging during some periods; if I never blogged again, I would still not be wrong; where is the judge to decide the right and wrong of that? Of course, this is all a triviality. There is some self-importance here. My mental health is my #1 priority; everything else follows behind that. I am an average blogger and that is OK. I have now done a blog about not blogging enough; irony I suppose. Hope everyone is having a good average Labor Day weekend.

All my best,

Cliff Brown


  1. Love your "blog about not blogging enough"--thanks for the chuckle, Cliff. Humour is our best friend!

    And thanks for articulating better than I can MY habitual approach to certain tasks!

    Pas Une Sainte

  2. Hi, Cliff. Definitely endorse for lowering your standards. Blogging is great when you have time--and sometimes you'll have more time than at other times. That's just average :)

  3. we should allow ourselves to be average human beings. Hahaha i can see myself in your post... I think it is completely normal and of course their is no judge to rule us whether we are wrong or right... Great post dear... :) I enjoyed reading
    Thanks for sharing.